Advertising Disclosures


Applicants hereby agree to pay fees incurred in obtaining their appraisal, credit report, and to include any and all reasonable/bonafide rush charges which may be incurred in order to expedite these services. Any fees, charges and expenses incurred on behalf of the applicant are not refundable.



Please be advised that all applicants applying for an owner occupied loan and agrees to such occupancy, understands and agrees that the loan agreement is based specifically on the agreed occupancy.  All applicants must certify that they have read and understood this requirement, that applicants are not relying on statements to the contrary, and that the statement is made to induce Grand Castle Inc. to make the loan.  Should the applicant fail to occupy the property as referenced on the application, the applicant agrees that the loan be immediately due and payable in full, and applicant agrees to all charges and other costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred there by.



If the current Lender or Note Holder has agreed to an extension, or renegotiation of the terms of this loan, and the lenders of note holder’s signed agreement is attached (or the notice may describe the method used to furnish that signed document).  Transmission by a broker of a lender’s or note holder’s undertaking, pursuant to this section, does not itself, create or alter any agency or similar relationship between the lender or note and the borrower, or the lender or note holder and the broker.



In connection with the conversation you had with a Loan Consultant from Grand Castle Inc. concerning an interest rate for your loan, please be advised that any interest rate quoted to you by a Loan Consultant is subject to confirmation by the Lender and will or has been included in a Good Faith Estimate which has or will be delivered to you.  Furthermore all borrowers must comply with the lenders underwriting guidelines regarding credit and security.  Our analysis of these factors may affect the rate.  The purpose of this letter is to avoid any misunderstanding regarding interests.  Such misunderstandings are more likely to occur in times like the present, when interest rates are changing quickly. 

You will be provided with a separate rate lock agreement.



On loans paid-off within 180 days of funding, the undersigned borrowers will pay to Grand Castle, Inc. 2% of the principal amount prepaid or to the maximum amount allowed by law whichever is less.

Borrower agrees to pay the necessary fee upon receiving the notice form us with the proof of payment required within thirty days from receipt of the notice.  The undersigned borrower(s) has/have read, understood and agrees to the terms stated above and hereby certifies(y) that he/she/they received a copy of this disclosure. 

HAVE QUESTIONS? GIVE US A CALL! 1-855-558-BANK (not for use by New York borrowers)