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  • Grand Castle, Inc. dba FP Mortgage is a Direct Lender (not including the State of New York where loans are arranged through 3rd partylenders), licensed in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington & Wisconsin specializing in Conventional, FHA, Jumbo, VA, Non-Owner Occupied Loans and Bank Turndowns.
1 Year Tax Return Mortgage.

FP Mortgage can help you get approved for a loan with only 1 Year Tax Return in most cases. While most Banks and other Mortgage Lenders require 2 years tax returns, we work with our Clients as long as they have been employed and received a W2. We help our Borrowers obtain the highest possible loan amount to maximize their purchase or refinance. Our Team of professionals make the processing of your loan with 1 year tax return mortgage a very smooth process. You can discuss your options with our Team regarding our 1 Year Tax Return Mortgage loan anytime or Get a Quote NOW!

NO W2 Mortgage.

FP Mortgage can qualify you for a mortgage with NO W2. If you are a 1099 employee or contractor with NO W2, you can still purchase a home or refinance with FP Mortgage. If you are Self-Employed or Own your Business for over 5 years, Professional with NO W2, getting 1099, FP Mortgage can help you get qualified and approved for a mortgage loan. Our No W2 mortgage loans are subject to review and approval based on Underwriting Guidelines. Our Team at FP Mortgage makes it a smooth process for our Borrowers to get approved for a NO W2 Mortgage Loan. Inquire about our NO W2 Mortgage product today or Get a Quote NOW!

Self-Employed Mortgage.

Self-employed, write-offs and denied by other Lenders? We can still help. We have multiple loan products and loan scenarios that can best assist you in your personal loan needs. Get a Quote NOW!

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